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Lets ruffle some feathers!

Updated: May 21, 2019

Our friends at the Avalon House Hotel in Castlecomer came to us with a great project. They wanted us to develop a brand for their new restaurant at their newly opened hotel. 

The name of the restaurant was Lil's, which was the restaurants' name-sake. The logo had to fit in with the aesthetic of the current logo for the hotel (which we also designed here at Sign and Design). Also we were asked to use imagery of a peacock.

So...we came up with some ideas to get started.

With some tweaking the final logo was decided upon - and we were very happy with it.

Once we had the logo down the restaurant needed an entrance door sign. So...for this we took to the realms of 3D. This ensured our clients got the best visual of how the sign would really look when created. With this we then discussed materials and finishes with the client to ensure they get exactly what they were looking for.

When everything was agreed upon, the final design and working drawings were given to our production team to begin making the sign.

And so...the final design came into being!

You'll find this unique sign living in the Avalon House Hotel, welcoming guests in for what will be, no doubt, a wonderful meal at Lil's!

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